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SW Art Studio, located in Fremont, specializes in offering high-quality art skill courses tailored for young artists aged 4 to 14. We specialize in customized art classes that enable students to explore and learn through all different art mediums. We tailor the most appropriate teaching plans to each child's age, skill level, and interests, providing professional, personalized instruction.

Our Studio

We champions each student's uniqueness with tailored art education that nurtures their interests and talents. We build confidence, encourage self-expression, and foster a lifelong passion for creativity. Our supportive environment celebrates every achievement, promoting growth. We aim to inspire a deep love for art, ensuring every student's journey is cherished.


March 2023: SW Art Studio was founded as a home-based art studio.

June 2023: Our studio grow quickly to have 50 students.

October 2023: Our studio reached 100 students, with more than 50% of new enrollments referred by existing parents.

Janurary 2024: We moved to a new location, with larger classrooms and better equipments.

March 2024: We achieved another milestone with 3 new teachers joined and a total of 150 students enrolled.

Our History



Suming Wu graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA degree in Art Practice and was named to the dean's list. And she has studied a series of courses in child psychology and education.

Suming Wu has been learning art for fifteen years and has two years of teaching experience. She has her own complete art teaching syllabus for K–8 students and has integrated the advantages of Chinese and Western art teaching to create her own teaching model. Her students have won awards in various art competitions.

Suming Wu,毕业于加州大学伯克利分校,获得艺术实践学士学位,并入选院长名单。 并且学习了一系列儿童心理学和教育课程。

Suming Wu老师学习绘画十五年并且有两年的教学经验。 她拥有自己完整的K-8学生绘画教学体系,融合中西美术教学优势,开创了自己的教学模式。 她的学生在各种艺术比赛中获奖。

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