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Advanced (Ages 12-14)

  • 12Weeks

Advanced class is designed for 12-14 years old students. Each lesson is 90 minutes in length. A session includes 12 lessons, one lesson per week. Students will build on their prior knowledge of the Elements of Art in addition to the foundations set in their Intermediate art course. Color theory, value, contrast, and proportion are emphasized through various performance assessments. Students will be able to identify the properties of Two-Dimensional shapes as compared to Three-Dimensional forms throughout the course of the study. Students will refine their ability to use drawing, painting, and other techniques to organize and depict ideas, feelings, and moods. This course serves as a foundational link between the grade school and secondary art experience to prepare future Art students for potential portfolio construction and collegiate requirements. Medium: Pencils, graphite pencils, color pencils, markers, charcoals, crayons, gouache The Principle of Design: Balance, contrast, repetition, emphasis, movement, unity, rhythm



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